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Love Others

Love Others:

John 13:34 NIV

"...Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." Do you play a sport? Maybe you like to draw? Or you play an instrument? Maybe you prefer red Powerade or blue Powerade? Every person is different and we like different things, but despite our differences we are all loved by God and we are called to love like him!

When Jesus was on earth he loved on every person he encountered. He loved robbers, sick people, poor people, rich people, mean people, kids, teens, EVERYONE. It didn't matter that they were different than him, he still loved them.

Jesus died to save every person no matter who they are. That includes you! He wants us to show his love to the people around us everywhere we go. Sometimes they aren't always the nicest people, but we are still called to love them.

God loves all the people of the world. He made them in all colors shapes and sizes. As Christians we should love everyone and accept them regardless of how they look or who they are even if they are different than us. Get going and start spreading the love!

Here are some ideas to help think about it during the week:

  • Give a compliment to three people who are different than you this week.

  • Make some trail mix with your family.

  • Try something new like a sport, hobby, activity, this week that you haven't.

God loves everyone and we should too!

Talk about it: Who did Jesus love? Who are we supposed to love? What if they have done wrong, do we still show them love? How can you spread more of God's love at home? School? Store? Park?

Pray: Dear Jesus, thank you for being so awesome and for all that you have done for me. Help me to spread your love and accept those around me who are different. I want to love how you have loved me. I love you with all of my heart. In your name I pray, Amen.


Amar a Los Demas:

Juan 13:34 NVI

"...que se amen los unos a los otros. Así como yo los he amado, también ustedes deben amarse los unos a los otros."

¿Practicas algún deporte? ¿Tal vez te gusta dibujar? ¿O tocas un instrumento? ¿Tal vez prefieres Powerade rojo o Powerade azul? Cada persona es diferente y nos gustan las cosas diferentes, pero a pesar de nuestras diferencias, todos somos amados por Dios y estamos llamados a amar como él.